2015/16 Season to End in Ventspils This Weekend

With two days in Ventspils to cap off the 2015/16 season, the four Latvian club lacrosse teams will be battling for a gold medal. The first games to be played will be the semi finals; Archer Lacrosse vs. RJTC and Druva vs. Mitava/LLU. The winners will advance on to the championship, while the losers will battle for third place. Coming into the weekend as defending champs and an undefeated season so far, Druva looks to be the favorite for the 7th year in a row. Ventspils and Druva will meet for the third time this year as Ventspils is looking for an upset. Archer has won five games this year with two losses on hand. With this win-loss balance Archer Lacrosse can establish a comfortable feeling heading into their first game against RJTC.

Game Venue: 40th Catholic Street

Ventspils weekend schedule:

04.06.2016  Ventspils  12:00  RJTC  Archer Lacrosse
 14:00  Druva Dynamite  Mītava/LLU
 05.06.2016  Ventspils  11:00  RJTC  Mītava/LLU
 13:30  Druva Dynamite  Archer Lacrosse

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