2016 Latvia Lacrosse Champions- Druva Dynamite

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The semi-finals and championship games were played this past weekend in Ventspils to crown the best club lacrosse team in Latvia.  

On Saturday, the first semi-final game between Archer Lacrosse and LK RJTC team attacked in the first quarter with not much action, the first twenty minutes were scoreless. For RJTC lacrosse club, they had their eyes set on advancing to the championship game, which would be a better result than their 4th place finish from a year ago. Despite efforts RJTC, Archer Lacrosse owned the next twenty minutes, had no hope, and half took the lead with 5: 1. The games’ second half was a lot of back and forth, tiring both teams defenses. Archers came out on top for the first semi-final game, defeating RJTC 6:2.

Saturday’s second game included Druva Dynamite against Jelgava/LLU Command. It was evident early in the game that Druva would have control throughout the game. Until the end of both quarters Druva took the upper hand and won the quarter by 4:2. The next twenty minutes were displays of dominance from Druva. Jelgava failed to attack the goal on offense, which was not helping any chance of a comeback. The superior play by the Druva Dynamite beat Mītava/LLA with a final score of 17:8.

Sunday’s first game was very highly valued, where the fate of a bronze medal recipient would become a reality by the end of the day between Jelgava and RJTC. The first team to take the lead was Jelgava, but RJTC soon tied the game. Right from the start of the second quarter, Jelgava was improving and managing to take a halftime lead of 4:2. The third quarter brought a “second wind” of RJTC team players who not only backfired, but also knew how to take the lead and after sixty minutes of play the score 6:5. The last twenty minutes, felt medal proximity RJTC team had no other options but to keep their foot on the gas pedal. Excellent game defensively as RJTC as well as a very good performance in the attack, gaining five goals, allowing the team to march to a 11:6 victory. This was RJTC’s first podium finish in the Latvian Lacrosse Championship.

The last game of the season was a battle between Druva and the Archers to decide who would be the best lacrosse team in Latvia. These two teams entered the championship in the 1st and 2nd seeds, so a battle for the championship trophy was bound to be a challenge. At the end of the first quarter, Archer was up 2:1. In the second quarter, Druva quickly tied the score and took the lead. Riga players had the ability to respond and play forty minutes of the game resulting in a tie 4:4 at half. Slowly, but steadily managed to keep their foot on the gas. Archer Lacrosse team’s efforts did not bring the desired result, as Druva began to pull away. The game’s fate was settled as early as the third. With a final score of 11:6, the Druva Dynamite managed to go the entire 2016 season undefeated. Congratulations Druva!

Final rankings:

  1. Druva Dynamite
  2. Archer Lacrosse
  3. LK RJTC
  4. Mītava/LLU

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