Final Training Camp This Weekend in Ventspils

This weekend The Latvian National Team will have their final four day training camp before the European Championships begin on July 28th. The city of Ventspils will be hosting the team for the weekend.
It has already been announced that the European Championships group that Latvia will be competing in is Group A subset of England (5th place winner of the world championship lacrosse in 2014 and the defending European champion), Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary, the tournament organizers.
Group tournament games will be played from July 28th to August 2nd. After the group matches of the tournament, from August 3rd-6th are playoff games that will determine the best lacrosse teams in Europe.

B group – Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Austria, Denmark
C group – Sweden, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia
D group – Netherlands, Finland, Slovakia, France, Poland, Russia

Latvia Game Schedule:

July 28 – Czech Republic vs. Latvia (Field 5) 13:00
July 29 – Latvia vs. England (Field 4) 13:00
July 30 – Hungary vs. Latvia (Field 2) 14:45
July 31 – Italy vs. Latvia (Field 2) 17:45
August 1 – Latvia vs. Germany (Field 1) 11:30
August 2 – Off day
August 3 – Playoff/consolation game to be determined
August 4 – Playoff/consolation game to be determined
August 5 – Playoff/consolation game to be determined
August 6 – Playoff/consolation game to be determined

Final roster for 2016 European Championships:

Attack: Chris Zariņš, Artūrs Krastiņš, Eli Lasda, Ģirts Sproģis, Kaspars Rudzinskis, Valts Dārznieks

Midfield: Gatis Zeps, Gļebs Šupenko, Gints Gūtmanis, Mason Gorman, Kārlis Trankalis, Andrew Doktor, Ronalds Zaumanis, Miks Stabulnieks, Aleksis Kerno

Defense: Jurģis Pučka, Riley Lasda, Krišjānis Volfs, David Salter, Toms Kaktiņš, Toms Biders

Goalie: Christopher Doktor, Kristaps Lācis

Coaches: Kaspars Stabulnieks, Pauls Dzintars Kalniņš, Robert Delorimiere, Max Silberecht

Team Latvia Headed to European Championships!


Last August, the Latvian National Team held a tryout camp, bringing in almost fifty players from all over the country and even the United States. If the multiplayer experience and skills allowed the coaches to take a unanimous decision, then in many cases, the coaches needed to figure out which players will qualify for the 2016 European Championships.

By participating in lacrosse and physical fitness training, the players had a chance to improve their game in every aspect. The training process gave the desired results, which showed in early spring in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. This is where the Three Nations Tournament is held, with just three participating countries: Norway, Netherlands, and Latvia. Latvia showed remarkable performances in both outings vs. the other nations. Individual performances in the Berlin Open and the spring scrimmages against Norway and Netherlands helped make the final roster decision that will be representing Latvia in Budapest for the European Championships.

Preparation for the European Championships includes three stages. The first stage was this weekend ( July 2 to 3 ) in Saldus/Druva. Players who did not get invited to play on the National Team also had the chance to participate in this camp.

Final roster for 2016 European Championships:

Attack: Chris Zariņš, Artūrs Krastiņš, Eli Lasda, Ģirts Sproģis, Kaspars Rudzinskis, Valts Dārznieks

Midfield: Gatis Zeps, Gļebs Šupenko, Gints Gūtmanis, Mason Gorman, Kārlis Trankalis, Andrew Doktor, Ronalds Zaumanis, Miks Stabulnieks, Aleksis Kerno

Defense: Jurģis Pučka, Riley Lasda, Krišjānis Volfs, David Salter, Toms Kaktiņš, Toms Biders

Goalie: Christopher Doktor, Kristaps Lācis

Coaches: Kaspars Stabulnieks, Pauls Dzintars Kalniņš, Robert Delorimiere, Max Silberecht

Latvian National Team – 2016 Berlin Open Champions!


Last weekend, the Latvian National Team went undefeated at the oldest European lacrosse tournament – Berlin Open . A year earlier Latvia managed to get to the finals, where Latvia fell short to the Czech team, Jižní Mesto, with a final score of 9:10 .
This year, coming with a deep roster but still missing a few key National Team players, Team Latvia came to Berlin with full power and intention of winning the tournament. The sample was drawn in subgroup D, along with the Swiss National Team, Team Hong Kong and the German Oaks.

The first day of the tournament was played in round robin style. The Latvian Team’s first opponent was a quick Hong Kong team, a team that Latvia took down in 2014 at the World Championships. Latvia beat Hong Kong on a wet morning with a final score of 11:2. The next game was against the German Oaks. The game started out quite slow, but soon intensified. After a hard fought game, Latvia came out on top with a final score of 13:6. The third and final game of Day 1 would be against the strong Swiss National Team. Latvia was looking to avenge their loss to the Swiss after the World Championships in 2014. A quick transition goal by Latvia broke the ice five minutes into the first half, there was no looking back from there. Latvia defeated the Swiss this time 9:2.

The second day of the tournament was the start of playoff games. The quarterfinal game confronted Bundesliga North, a club team from Berlin. Latvia quickly got into rhythm and delighted fans with great highlights. There was little challenge from the opposing party, to which our players did not look down on. The convincing end result of 18:4 secured a semi-final place. The semi-final game was set against the 2015 Berlin Open champions, Jižní Mesto. The pace of the game was fast and intense, making it Latvia’s toughest game of the tournament so far. The opposing goalkeeper played very well, stopping an abundance of quality Latvian shots. Latvia came out on top again, with a final score of 10:5, punching their ticket to the Berlin Open Final on Sunday.

The final day of the tournament Latvia had just one game; the finals. Latvia faced AIST Lacrosse (American International Sports Teams) from the U.S. The championship game was played with full official rules and took place in the central stadium, full of cheering fans. The game startėd with a very fast pace. The Latvians had a hard time adjusting to their style of play and unfortunately gave up the first goal of the game. Latvia continued its fight and backfired. At the end of the first half, Latvia led 6:3. In a game that was rich in emotion, the US team managed to repeatedly break open the Latvian defense and score many goals in the second half. Team Latvia once again came trailing 9: 7, only the second time the team had been behind all weekend. The men in Maroon, however, did not give up and defied the US team’s provocations. After the final whistle sounded, the scoreboard read 11:10 in favor of the Latvian National Team. Latvian National Team – 2016 Berlin Open champions!

Berlin Open ’16


Continuing the preparatory phase of the European Championships, the Latvian Men’s Lacrosse Team started their way yesterday to the German capital city of Berlin, where the 22nd annual Berlin Open will take place. The Latvian National Team will go to the tournament for the sixth time and will try to better the achievements of the previous year, when they won 2nd place.

This year’s tournament , men’s competition will participate 16 teams from nine different countries (USA , Germany, Czech Republic , Poland, Japan , Hong Kong, Switzerland , Ireland and Latvia) , which are divided into four subgroups. Team Latvia was in the “Black” group. The first day of competition included games against Team Hong Kong, Team Switzerland and club team German Oaks from Germany. In order to advance to the playoffs, teams needed to finish in the top two spots of their respective bracket. The teams who do not advance will be playing for ninth-sixteenth place finishes. Tournament rules state that a group of the tournament games are played with a shorter play time – 2 halves , each 25 minutes. Playoff games will be played in 4 quarters , each 15 minutes, but only finals being played at
international rules and the full game time- 4 x 20 min.

Here is Team Latvia’s schedule for Friday’s preliminary games:


2016 Latvia Lacrosse Champions- Druva Dynamite

13390790_1215195541844747_267264257_n (1)

The semi-finals and championship games were played this past weekend in Ventspils to crown the best club lacrosse team in Latvia.  

On Saturday, the first semi-final game between Archer Lacrosse and LK RJTC team attacked in the first quarter with not much action, the first twenty minutes were scoreless. For RJTC lacrosse club, they had their eyes set on advancing to the championship game, which would be a better result than their 4th place finish from a year ago. Despite efforts RJTC, Archer Lacrosse owned the next twenty minutes, had no hope, and half took the lead with 5: 1. The games’ second half was a lot of back and forth, tiring both teams defenses. Archers came out on top for the first semi-final game, defeating RJTC 6:2.

Saturday’s second game included Druva Dynamite against Jelgava/LLU Command. It was evident early in the game that Druva would have control throughout the game. Until the end of both quarters Druva took the upper hand and won the quarter by 4:2. The next twenty minutes were displays of dominance from Druva. Jelgava failed to attack the goal on offense, which was not helping any chance of a comeback. The superior play by the Druva Dynamite beat Mītava/LLA with a final score of 17:8.

Sunday’s first game was very highly valued, where the fate of a bronze medal recipient would become a reality by the end of the day between Jelgava and RJTC. The first team to take the lead was Jelgava, but RJTC soon tied the game. Right from the start of the second quarter, Jelgava was improving and managing to take a halftime lead of 4:2. The third quarter brought a “second wind” of RJTC team players who not only backfired, but also knew how to take the lead and after sixty minutes of play the score 6:5. The last twenty minutes, felt medal proximity RJTC team had no other options but to keep their foot on the gas pedal. Excellent game defensively as RJTC as well as a very good performance in the attack, gaining five goals, allowing the team to march to a 11:6 victory. This was RJTC’s first podium finish in the Latvian Lacrosse Championship.

The last game of the season was a battle between Druva and the Archers to decide who would be the best lacrosse team in Latvia. These two teams entered the championship in the 1st and 2nd seeds, so a battle for the championship trophy was bound to be a challenge. At the end of the first quarter, Archer was up 2:1. In the second quarter, Druva quickly tied the score and took the lead. Riga players had the ability to respond and play forty minutes of the game resulting in a tie 4:4 at half. Slowly, but steadily managed to keep their foot on the gas. Archer Lacrosse team’s efforts did not bring the desired result, as Druva began to pull away. The game’s fate was settled as early as the third. With a final score of 11:6, the Druva Dynamite managed to go the entire 2016 season undefeated. Congratulations Druva!

Final rankings:

  1. Druva Dynamite
  2. Archer Lacrosse
  3. LK RJTC
  4. Mītava/LLU

2015/16 Season to End in Ventspils This Weekend

With two days in Ventspils to cap off the 2015/16 season, the four Latvian club lacrosse teams will be battling for a gold medal. The first games to be played will be the semi finals; Archer Lacrosse vs. RJTC and Druva vs. Mitava/LLU. The winners will advance on to the championship, while the losers will battle for third place. Coming into the weekend as defending champs and an undefeated season so far, Druva looks to be the favorite for the 7th year in a row. Ventspils and Druva will meet for the third time this year as Ventspils is looking for an upset. Archer has won five games this year with two losses on hand. With this win-loss balance Archer Lacrosse can establish a comfortable feeling heading into their first game against RJTC.

Game Venue: 40th Catholic Street

Ventspils weekend schedule:

04.06.2016  Ventspils  12:00  RJTC  Archer Lacrosse
 14:00  Druva Dynamite  Mītava/LLU
 05.06.2016  Ventspils  11:00  RJTC  Mītava/LLU
 13:30  Druva Dynamite  Archer Lacrosse

Atskats uz 21. maija sabraukumu


The first meeting between Archer and Mitava on May 21st came with much struggle between both teams. Both teams on May 21st came struggling with the composition of the assembly. With a very low number of players in reserve, the game took quick turns from the first whistle. Archer Lacrosse took the lead early when they scored in the first minute of the game. Archer went on to score two more goals in the first quarter, leading Mitava 3:2 when the first 20 minutes were concluded. The second quarter was a repeat from the first 20 minutes of the game. Archer Lacrosse had the ability to score quick, but Mītava/LUA answered with precise shots. At the end of the first half, Archer leads 7:5. At the beginning of the third quarter, Mitava refused to sit back on offense. Instead, they were hungry for the goal and relentless attackers. Archer’s defense was able to withstand their pressure, only letting in two goals in the quarter. At the end of the third quarter, Archers led 10:6, peppering Mitava’s defense with countless shots and physicality. Mitava had a strong finish in the fourth quarter but fell short of Archer’s superior efforts. The final score of this one – 7:9.

In the second game of the day, the Druva Dynamite squared off against the LK RJTC team. With a high intensity game in their hands, Druva struck first, scoring a goal in the first two minutes of play. Games went well LK RJTC managed to get a number of quality looks, but only one was executed. After the first twenty minutes of 3:1 in favor of Druva Dynamite. Second- quarter introduction RJTC lakrosisti opposed putting the team , but the short bench of quarters below were powerless. Cornfield Dynamite dominated the field and substantially increased the lead the lead . Going halftime break already eight wickets – 10: 2ndSpēles temps pēc puslaika pārtraukuma nedaudz kritās. Druva Dynamite turpināja ofensīvu neļaujot viesiem no Rīgas veikt ilgstošas izspēles. Uzvarot ceturtdaļu ar 3:2, rezultāta pārsvaru mājniekiem izdevās vēl vairāk palielināt. Pirms spēles pēdējām divdesmit minūtēm Druva bija pārliecinošā vadībā ar 13:4. Spēles pēdējā ceturtdaļā ar rezultatīviem metieniem atzīmējās abas komandas. Divreiz precīzi bija Druvas lakrosisti, bet vienreiz RJTC komandas spēlētāji. Otrajā puslaikā RJTC vārtu vīrs atvairīja 10 metienus un bija viens no faktoriem, kāpēc rezultāta starpība nebija vēl lielāka. Negūstot nevienus vārtus spēles pēdējās desmit minūtēs, Druva Dynamite svinēja vēl vienu pārliecinošu uzvaru 2015./2016. gada Latvijas lakrosa čempionātā, uzvarot LK RJTC. Spēles beigu rezultāts 15:5.

Spriedze papildlaikā


14.maijā Zemgales Olimpiskajā centrā norisinājās Latvijas lakrosa čempionāta sabraukums vīriešiem. Savstarpējās spēlēs tikās Mītava/LLU – LK RJTC un Druva Dynamite – Archer Lacrosse.

Pirmajā spēlē mājnieki Mītava/LLU uzņēma LK RJTC komandu no Rīgas. Pirmajā ceturtdaļā ātru vadību spēlē ieguva Jelgavas lakrosa komanda. Ceturtdaļas turpinājumā jelgavniekiem izdevās iegūt arī nelielu pārsvaru pār pretiniekiem. RJTC pirmajā ceturtdaļā spēja izveidot vienu sekmīgu uzbrukumu un pēc spēlētām divdesmit minūtēm bija iedzinējos ar rezultātu 1:4. Otrās ceturtdaļas sākumā Mītava/LLU turpināja uzspiest savu spēli un guva vēl vienus vārtus. Tuvojoties ceturtdaļas beigām RJTC lakrosisti pārņēma iniciatīvu un ātri samazināja vārtu starpību. Ejot puslaika pārtraukumā Mītava/LLU komandai vienu vārtu pārsvars – 5:4. Otrajā puslaikā turpinājās sīva cīņa starp abām komandām. Mītava/LLU vēlreiz veica izrāvienu un palielināja rezultāta starpību līdz 4 vārtu pārsvaram un pirms noslēdzošās ceturtdaļas rezultāts 9:5. Spēles ceturtā ceturtdaļa bija pilna spriedzes. Drošo rezultāta pārsvaru Mītava/LLU nenosargāja un divas minūtes līdz spēles beigām RJTC komanda izlīdzināja rezultātu – 11:11. Pēdējās sekundēs vēl RJTC komandai bija vairākas iespējas uzvarēt spēli, tomēr tās netika realizētas. Pēc spēlētām 80 minūtēm, pēc ilgāka pārtraukuma, Latvijas lakrosa čempionāta spēlē bija nepieciešams papildlaiks, lai noskaidrotu spēles uzvarētāju. Papildlaika pirmajās četrās minūtēs pretinieku vārtiem vairāk uzbruka RJTC komanda. Vairākas vārtu gūšanas iespējas netika realizētas un rezultāts palika nemainīgs. Papildlaika otrajā pusē Mītava/LLU ātri guva vārtus un salauza RJTC komandas pretestību. Pēc gūtajiem vārtiem sekoja vēl divi precīzi vārtu guvumi un svinēta uzvara ar rezultātu 14:11.

Otrajā dienas spēlē savstarpējiem spēkiem mērojās Druva Dynamite un Archer Lacrosse komandas. Spēli abas komandas iesāka izlūkojot pretinieku aizsardzību un vārtsargu prasmes. Līdz pirmajiem gūtajiem vārtiem nācās gaidīt 4 minūtes, kad ar precīzu metienu rezultātu atklāja Archer Lacrosse komanda. Druva nepalika atbildi parādā un ātri spēja atspēlēt radušos deficītu. Turpinājumā abas komandas izpildīja bīstamas uzbrukuma izspēles. Archer komanda vēlreiz izvirzījās vadībā, bet vēl ātrāk nekā iepriekš Druva atkārtoti izlīdzināja rezultātu. Pēc spēlētām 20 minūtēm neizšķirts. Otrās ceturtdaļas sākumā turpinājās bezkompromisu cīņa. Ar precīziem metieniem apmainījās abas komandas. Ceturtdaļas beigās Archer Lacrosse vairāk pārkāpa noteikumus un vairākuma izspēles izmantoja Druva Dynamite komanda, kura īsi pirms puslaika pārtraukuma palielināja pārsvaru un pēc spēlētām 40 minūtēm bija vadībā ar 6:4. Otrajā puslaikā aktīvā un spēka paņēmieniem bagātā spēlē Druva Dynamite bija pārāka. Trešajā ceturtdaļā Druvas komanda palielināja rezultāta starpību. Archer Lacrosse nespēja rast atbildi un pirms spēles pēdējās ceturtdaļas atradās iedzinējos ar 4:10. Arī pēdējās divdesmit minūtēs iniciatīva piederēja Dynamite lakrosistiem un Archer spēlētāji vien epizodiski spēja izveidot ilgstošas uzbrukuma izspēles. Druvas komanda palielināja rezultāta starpību gūstot vēl četrus vārtus uz kuriem Archer prata atbildēt ar vieniem gūtiem vārtiem, kas komandai bija vienīgie gūtie vārti otrajā puslaikā. Ar spēles beigu signālu Druva Dynamite svinēja kārtējo pārliecinošo uzvaru Latvijas lakrosa čempionāta ietvaros. Spēles beigu rezultāts 14:5.

Vīriešu lakrosa čempionāta sabraukums 14. maijā


Nedēļas nogalē (14.05.2016), Zemgales Olimpiskajā centrā norisināsies Latvijas lakrosa čempionāta sabraukums. 

Pēc aizvadītiem diviem pavasara posma sabraukumiem, Druva Dynamite un Archer Lacrosse turnīra tabulā iekrājušas katra pa divām uzvarām. Nedeļās nogalē savstarpējā spēlē vienai no komandām nāksies piedzīvot zaudējumu. Archer Lacrosse uzvaras gadījumā, turnīra tabulā abām komandām būtu vienāds punktu skaits -15 punkti. Savukārt Mītava/LLU un LK RJTC divu sabraukumu laikā nav spējuši tik pie uzvarām un nedēļas nogalē tas mainīsies. 2015./2016. gada čempionātā LK RJTC atrodas 3 punktu atrāvienā no Jelgavas komandas.

  1. maija spēļu grafiks:
    14:00 LK RJTC             vs.  Mītava/LLU
    16:00 Druva Dynamite  vs.  Archer LacrosseU